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Informative videos about hypnotherapy.

We have created brief but informative videos explaning  some of the causes, triggers and solutions for certain issues. I hope you gain some clarity from these videos.


Love addiction


Lack of Self esteem/Self worth




Feeling incomplete and empty part 2

Anxiety and more

Wieso glauben wir das wir nicht gut genug sind?

Avoiding pain


A poem from a little girl

Fear of rejection

Fears and anxiety

Money blocks

Impatience towards children


Phenomenal coping skills

Negative looping thoughts

Insomnia and lack of sleep

Cocaine addiction Part  2


Sex, why we struggle to have orgasms and why men are affected by erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Over thinking, sleep & anxiety

Self Love


Fear of Failure

Fear of Public speaking

Feeling empty and incomplete

Addiction and Relapse

La ansiedad y la Rabia

Anger and Impatience

Addiction, causes, triggers and solutions

Adiccion, causas, habitos y la solucion

Anxiety, insecurities and fears


Not feeling good enough

Removing anxiety and panic attacks

Depression and anxiety

Boundaries for children

Anticipated anxiety

People pleasing

Cocaine addiction Part 1

Lack of focus & Not feeling present

Finding your purpose

Addiction.  Coping skills

Cocaine Addiction, Having compassion

Vulnerability is NOT a weakness

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