It has been 3 weeks now since i received an RTT session with Leliahypnosis.  I was very resistent to trying hypnosis.  I truly thought it wouldnt help, i do have to say i wasnt the easiest patient but Lelia was so patient and kind and was there for me when I needed support.  I am glad to say that I have no anxiety and am able to sleep at night every night.  I know there's still stuff i need to heal and will be back to see Lelia very soon.  She really is the best, i dont say this lightly.  I would recommend her over and over again.


Matthew, 39, UK

Lelia you are a gem!!! What an experience.

My RTT session with Lelia was one of a kind. Such an eye opener. Lelia was so professional and yet caring and understanding. She made me feel safe and so relaxed.

Thanks to Lelia I was able to get rid of those old absolutely useless beliefs that I carried for sooooo many years holding me back and not allowing me to have a voice and fight for myself.

I’m ready to embrace my future with confidence and self belief. Her voice is like most beautiful melody. I absolutely love my recording, it’s only for me and about me. Exactly what I want to hear and what a pleasure to listen. I’m forever grateful. Highly recommended

Agata, Germany

My testimonial
Lelia you have changed my life, the panic attacks and anxiety that was crippling me on daily basis has now gone.  You have freed me, i can never put into words how you impacted my life, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.  To anyone who may be reading my testimonial to lelia, book her now, you will never find a better therapist!!!

George  35  UK

I'm so grateful we crossed paths session with Lelia was such a gift of freedom from self judgement, perfectionism and pressure to work hard for everything. In one session I found relief and understanding from karmic patterns that years of coaching haven’t! Lelia is a beautiful soul, an insightful and talented therapist, with a magical voice and ability to connect on such deep level. The recording she made is so healing and uplifting, it gives me wings every time I listen to it. And I can hear her encouraging words in my head all day long. I experienced immediate shifts in my relationship, I finally understood what self love and compassion is about and I can truly believe life can flow with ease and grace I highly recommend working with Lelia as results were beyond my expectations.

Laura. UK

My 8 year old daughter had a RTT session with Lelia a few weeks ago, she has honestly changed so much, She couldn't really focus, had really low self confidence and strruggled at school and even to make friends.  Since the session Hannah has so much confidence, she seems to be able to concentrate better, and just has this positive attitude which she didnt have before.  

Thank you Leila for your help, hannah is a super fan and absolutely loves listening to your beautiful recorings daily.

Sarah,  Spain 

I recently had an Rtt session from Lelia. My session was amazing. what was very interesting were the tears and the amount of tears that just rolled down my face and dripped off. I have never been able to release or cry the tears or emotions like that. Also I was under and relaxed so much that my body, especially my feet or hands never twiched or moved once during my whole session, i had multiple sclerosis so the twitching was part of my day to day life. I couldn't believe it.

When she was doing my recording she put it in things that made me feel that I wasn't alone. I was meant to be here and I would be ok.I would be able to accomplish all the physical things I had asked for. Her voice is so gentle and soothing it just makes you feel important and special, as if you were the only one in the world. I truly felt empowered and unstoppable! I can accomplish anything! I can't wait each day to listen to the recording! I would very highly recommend Lelia for Rtt sessions! She is amazing! You will love her and the session.

Nancy, US

First of all before the session I was quite stressed but it was kind of positive stress, excitement. I really didn't know what was going to happen. As soon as we started and my eyes closed everything started changing. It is really hard to describe.. I felt fully conscious but at the same time every thing, every picture that came in front of my eyes without my will, it was so natural and so real.

I didnt know that i rememered so many details from the past.

especially because I sometimes forget what I eat for breakfast The memories were super sharp. I felt light and I felt so safe and secure, I knew that nothing wrong is gonna happened.

So as the session goes further and memories were changing, the stress was gone and it was like nothing else exist and I'm free and safe.

When we did the magnets in my hands, it was just WOW, its the first time I had that kind of experience, I know that the human mind is powerful but I never thought the power was soooo huge .

The Awakening moment was a surprise as well because I thought I was fully conscious.

When I went down after the session my friends just saw me with a huge smile on my face and just started asking questions and I was so excited I could barely speak .

For the rest of my day I was super happy ( well I still am :)), had a lovely power nap and yeah I wish to have that session every single day .

about my legs I actually don't pay too much attention right now like I feel the pain still but it not bother me too much anymore. so I do believe that soon I'm gonna go for some bike ride .

Thank you from all of my little heart Lelia The Fairy

Have a wonderful night with colorful dreams


Tomek, Poland,

Lelia, I have so much to say about her, that I am scared that I don't use the right words to describe her. first of all, whenever she starts the session she already makes you feel like you are halfway heal. The smile on her face the eagerness to start the session is like she really has the magic wand in her hand.


I have been struggling with so many issues recently but after my 2 sessions, I feel like a totally different person. I feel so happy and loved from within. it's really magical what she did for me. as I say words can't explain my joy how I am feeling and what she did for me but in a couple of words, she really did magic for me. some days I am asking I am that same person I feel so different. I feel like there is so much to accomplish and I don't have enough time so why waste more time leaving in the past. she is so amazing. last Saturday I sat down to listen to my recording I ended up listening to my recording 2 times instead of one.


Her voice is so soothing you just feel like you just want to be there and keep listening. the words she uses are just perfect and make you realize how powerful we are. it's like she knows what we want to hear. I can keep going on and on about her but I will strongly recommend having a session with her if you are looking for a therapist. she is gifted that's the true word I can use for her. A real healer. I pray God to keep giving her the same love in her heart to continue helping others believe me that's what I do anytime I listen to my recordings I ask God to keep blessing her so that she can keep healing others. lots of love.


Hello Lelia,

I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for the help you have given me when I really needed it. Your session, your presence and your amazing recording has made so much difference into my life, and I will be eternally grateful for your amazing generosity! I love hearing your recording and I am sure I will be listening to it for a very long time, and way past the 21 days, as your message is so powerful and your voice so reassuring and soothing. Thank you again so much for your help, it really means a lot to me, and I hope that maybe one day I will be able to return the favour.

I am sending you lots and lots of Love, positive energy and happiness!

Cathy, UK

I bought an audio from lelia a week ago for my 2 children, my 3 year old and my 6 month old baby. They both struggle to sleep, and i was exhausted. I love my children and did literally everything to calm and soothe them but nothing was working. The moment i put that audio on with lelias beautiful delicate voice they both feel asleep. Thank you so much lelia, the energy you put into your audios are amazing. I also bought a hypnosis audio for myself and my husband for some other issues and we feel so much better. I feel so much more energised and live in the moment.

I highly recommend purchasing one of lelias audios, even if its for your child, you wont regret it. Thanks again Lelia

Silvia, Uk, 38

I had a session with Lelia in March of 2021. I have been suffering from a bad shoulder for over 10 years. The pain would come and go. I’ve had innumerable sessions of massage, acupuncture, reiki, regression therapy, energy healing, supplements, vitamins and more sessions of I can’t even remember what. Some helped but the pain always returned. I learned to live with it. My doctor suggested I get an MRI and prepare for surgery which was something I never wanted. I had lost hope.

I didn’t know what to expect. I lay down and closed my eyes. Lelia started to speak. I began to travel in my mind, I saw a large vortex forming above me. All the while I felt very conscious of what was going on. I was listening to Lelia and the journey she was taking me on with her words. All of a sudden my body started to jolt and spasm. I’m not sure why. A reaction to the ‘TRUTH’ perhaps?

After the session I was confused. I wasn’t healed. In fact on certain days it got worse. I didn’t feel that I got much from the session. Also the recorded sessions after didn’t seem to make a lasting effect on my shoulder. Until suddenly I clicked. I understood the message. The session was not going to heal me. The recordings were not going to heal me. Lelia was not going to heal my shoulder. I, was going to heal myself. And suddenly the message came through. Lelia’s message. Lelia’s tools. Lelia’s instructions on how to heal yourself from the inside out. It has been 6 months since that session. I gave up listening to the recordings. But the seed was sown and the message was indelibly stamped in my mind. I will heal myself. And now I can honestly say my shoulder is better than it’s been in years. Thank you Lelia. You did it. We did it. I did it xx

Martin, 52, Spain

When I sought help from Lelia, I had anxiety especially about being in social situations or in a classroom environment or in group situations which was really impacting my life. The result I wanted was to be able to talk freely in group scenarios without worrying about what people thought. I decided to work with Lelia because I felt an instant rapport with her, and she made me feel really comfortable and I felt easily able to open up. As a therapist I found Lelia easy-going, professional, caring and extremely understanding and supportive. I really enjoyed the personalised recording as it had everything on it that I needed to hear and I even listening to it twice a day!

I’m so glad I invested in working with Lelia because now I feel so much more confident in groups and those old thoughts have disappeared. I don’t project my mind into the future as I am now more in the present. I would definitely recommend her to others because she is a fantastic therapist who really cares about her clients. Thank you, Lelia, for helping me be comfortable within myself.

Tara, Ireland

This is my testimonial for leliahypnosis therapy. I worked with lelia 1 month ago on feeling depressed and anxious and some other issues. I couldn't go to work anymore and was seeing a counsellor and psychologist on a weekly basis, at times it helped but nothing really changed.

I found Lelia because a friend recommended her. To be honest I didn't think it would work, I never believed in hypnosis and didn't actually want to do it. But my husband and friend pushed me to at least try it and thank god I did.

Lelia made me feel heard, she was so attentive to my needs, and really showed empathy towards some of the issues I had. I felt for the first time in my life I had found someone I could be completely and utterly be transparent to, that wouldn't judge me. And I was right to be open, because she never judged, she was able to hold my space, and be there for me when I most needed it.

After 3 sessions in the space of less than 3 months, we worked on several issues. Today I can say that I feel happy, genuinely happy. I feel calmer, I sleep better, I am patient, and just feel like my truest self which is what I always wanted. Never did i imagine that i'd be healed from so many issues with only 3 sessions of hypnotherapy but I have.

So again I wanted to thank lelia for being there for me. For everything. Had it not been for your genuine care I don't know if I'd still be alive.

If I could recommend the best therapist in the world it would be her. Thank you again.

Love Rosie, UK